All cameras offer superb image clarity and are interchangeable/upgradable to any video inspection system we offer:

  • CC-SMART-A1-4K - 4K Combo Cam - The perfect HDMI solution for macro magnification and LED lighting - All in One!
  • CC-HDMI-CD2 - Our most popular camera with built in image capture, digital zoom, picture in picture and crosshair generator
  • 4K Smart Cam Series - Ultra High Resolution, Speed, Measurement Tools, and with or without Auto Focus
  • CC-CMC-12H - Ergonomic Camera with 12” high resolution monitor built in. Includes same features as CC-HDMI-CD2 in compact workspace
  • CC-HDMI-CD1 - HDMI high resolution camera with Direct Input to HDMI Camera.
  • 13 MP USB Camera - High Resolution USB Camera with Direct Link to All Video Image Express Software based products

Download camera software and manuals from our downloads page.

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