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Ergonomic HDMI Camera/Monitor Combo with 1080p Resolution. Very Fast refresh rate on Live Video at 60 Frames Per Second Sensor. Digital Zoom for increasing magnification.

Image Capture and Movie Capture built into camera on SD Card (No Computer Required). Compatible with all Scienscope Lenses and Microscope including Macro Lens (CC-97-LN1) and Micro Zoom (MZ7A-Zoom). 2 USB Ports allows connection to computer or network. Video Image Express Measurement Software is a great addition

Vertical and Horizontal Line Generator with 8 presets provide Go/No-Go Overlays.

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The MAC3 Camera can be used as a "live-image" HD (1080p) camera or as a USB2.0 camera with a USB cable connected to any computer or Windows tablet. The camera can be connected to any microscope or optical system with a C-mount so you can instantly upgrade your system. With a monitor mounted directly to the camera, limited workspace is never a problem and your ergonomics will improve as well.

HD/HDMI Mode Features USB 2.0 Mode Features
1080p (1920x1080) HD Images 2MP Resolution
Up to 60 FPS Image and Video capture app via Windows 8+ device
Image and video capture to SD card Email, save or print with software

Split-screen live image/capture image comparison

(Picture in picture)

Image and video capture included with software
Image and video gallery/ Image and video review Annotation and drawing tools
Vertical and horizontal line generator Time and date stamp images
Save line generator configurations Includes DirectShow drivers
Wireless mouse support and control Upgrade software with FOV measurement tools

Data sheet

Camera Definition
Camera Housing
RGB (individual adjustment)
Cross Hair Grid
Multi-color - two independent lines each
Recording Media
SD Card - USB to Computer
1920 x 1080
1/2.86 Panasonic Full HD 2.0 MP
White Balance
MZ7 Optical Specifications:
Auxiliary Lens0.5X0.67X1X2XWorking Distance
0.25X6.1X - 39.3X91.4 - 14.28.2X - 52.6X68.2-10.612.2X - 78.6X

45.7-7.124.4X - 157.2X22.9-3.6320mm
0.5X12.2X - 78.6X45.7-7.116.4X - 105.3X34.1-5.324.4X - 157.2X22.8-3.648.9X - 314.3X11.4-1.7176mm
0.75X18.3X - 117.9X30.5-4.524.6X - 157.9X22.7-3.536.7X - 235.7X15.2-2.473.3X - 471.5X7.6-1.2117mm
1X24.4X - 157.2X22.8-3.632.8X - 210.6X17.1-2.748.9X - 314.3X11.4-1.897.8X - 628.7X57.-0.996mm
2X48.9X - 314.3X11.4-1.865.5X - 421.2X8.5-1.397.8X - 628.7X5.7-0.9195.6X - 1257.3X2.8-0.435mm

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