Video Inspection Systems

All Scienscope System Components are interchangeable and can be configured to meet your application needs.  Use the system Finder Filter on the left to shop for exact system configurations

  • Macro – Wide Field of View (2 1/2”) , Long Working Distance (10x – 50x)
  • Micro – Precision Optics with smaller Field of View (20x – 500x)
  • Heads Up Display – Ergonomic Workstation
  • Boom Stands for Larger Parts, Clear Work Space  and Stability
  • Post and Track Stands – Perfect for Benchtop or Smaller Workspace
  • Articulating Arms for Swing away operations
  • LED Lighting – Ring lights or Dual Illuminators, Dome Lite (Anti Reflection)
  • Auxiliary Lenses available to increase/decrease magnification and field of View

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