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SCIENSCOPE MAC Macro Zoom Lens CC-97-LN1

$775.50 Online Sale

Great Visual Inspection Macro Lens With Wide Field of View! The CC-97-LN1 can accommodate over 2 1/2 Inches FOV

Scienscope Macro Lens is great for applications requiring a long working distance.  Ranges of 7" to 12" with close up lens 11" to Infinity when removing close up lens

The Scienscope Macro Lens has adjustable fine focus, zoom adjust and aperture adjust for quick and easy imaging

Easy to View/Position of Parts with ranges of 5x to 60x

Compatible with all Scienscope C mount cameras like the Versa Cam (CC-HDMI-CD2)

The CC-97-LN1 can be mounted on Dual Arm Boom Stands (SB-BM2-DO), or  Articulated Stands for Ergonomics and Flexibility

Use Standard Focus Mount (SB-AB-SZ) to offer rack mount focus adjustment 

All Scienscope LED Ring lights are compatible with Macro Lens - IL-LED-R2, IL-LED E1, IL-LED-E2D and High Intensity Ringlights

Scienscope High Intensity Ringlight (IL-LED-R3) with Polarizer works great for Reflective Parts!

Macro Description

Scienscope Macro Zoom lens is designed for large filed of views, large range of working distance, and large depth of field applications. Range from 7" - 12" of working distance with a close-up/cover lens and from 11" to infinity without the close-up/cover lens. Up to 61.9 magnification.


Focal Length 8.5 - 90
Aperture f/2.5 - Closed
Zoom Ratio 6:1 Parfocal
Iris Control Manual
Focus & Zoom Control Manual
Video Mount C-Mount
Camera Format 2/3" or smaller

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SCIENSCOPE MAC Macro Zoom Lens CC-97-LN1

SCIENSCOPE MAC Macro Zoom Lens CC-97-LN1

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