SCIENSCOPE Fiber Optic Illuminator IL-FOI-150
  • SCIENSCOPE Fiber Optic Illuminator IL-FOI-150

SCIENSCOPE IL-FOI-150 Fiber Optic Illuminator

Reference: IL-FOI-150

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The Fiber Optic Illuminator features "cold" illumination through filtration and a series of user defined colored filters. The cold light source has high intensity fiber optic illumination and accessories that allow you to position your light for best possible viewing.

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The original design shown above features a sturdy small footprint through integrated solid state circuitry. The 150 watt lamp is equipped with a variable control. This Fiber optic illuminator provides the best illumination for high brightness & low temperatures.

  • New voltage reader.
  • New design for easy lamp replacement.
  • Protection against overload.
  • Ideal for microscope applications.
  • Internal light filters holder.
Specifications: SCIENSCOPE IL-FOI-150
Brightness 23000LU
Color temperature 3200k (at full output)
Power input 90V - 265V
Power output 5V -21V
Fiber Adapter ? 20
Dimensions W210 x D170 x H130 (mm)
Power Consumption 150Watt / 21Volt
Bulb Life 200 Hrs (longer if used at 50% output)
Fuse 2 Amps "Slo Blo"
Warranty 1 Years (excluding bulb)
Optional Light Filters: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow
Replacement Bulb Osram EKE Halogen 12V 150W Bulb (IL-RA-FB)
Replacement Lamp Socket IL-FOI-150-LS


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SCIENSCOPE IL-FOI-150 Fiber Optic Illuminator

SCIENSCOPE IL-FOI-150 Fiber Optic Illuminator

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