J&L 14" x 10" M3 Express Series Workstation with Metlogix M3 software

Reference: EXP-SVM-1410-M3

Video Demo Available

Metlogix M3 Software with Easy Touch Edge Detection
14" x 10" x 8" Travel in X,Y,Z
Part Programming, CAD Import, Data Export and Image Capture Included
Perfect for Shop Floor Environment
Data Export for SPC Analysis
Superb High Resolution Image with Zoom Range of 24x – 150x
Precision Granite Base and Column
Computer Controlled -Quadrant LED Top Light and Collimated LED Backlight

Available to order

The J&L M3 Express Manual X Y Measurement System is a cost effective lightweight platform for a variety of applications. Powered by the Metlogix M3 Touch Screen Software, the M44 is a perfect solution for shop floor and lab based applications. Repetitive Part Programs can be recalled for automated operation. Our advanced edge detection removes operator uncertainty and repeatability. Data is easily exported for SPC analysis. Image Capture and Annotation of data is available for fast and easy documentation.


Data sheet

(3+L/200) μm, L in mm. (X/Y) at 20°C
Auxiliary Lens
Zoom Lens
HDMI with Image Capture
Edge Detection
Harsh Enviroment Packages
Magnification - Standard
25x - 158x
Magnification - Max
Magnification Calibration
Automatic Sensor Calbiration
24" LED Monitor
Power Supply
110v – 220v ± 5% 50/60 Hz
± 1 µm
1 μm
Software Included
Metlogix M3
Stage Size
14" x 10" x 8"
Support Stand
Touch Screen
Weight Capacity
1 Year
MZ7 Optical Specifications:
Auxiliary Lens0.5X0.67X1X2XWorking Distance
0.25X6.1X - 39.3X91.4 - 14.28.2X - 52.6X68.2-10.612.2X - 78.6X

45.7-7.124.4X - 157.2X22.9-3.6320mm
0.5X12.2X - 78.6X45.7-7.116.4X - 105.3X34.1-5.324.4X - 157.2X22.8-3.648.9X - 314.3X11.4-1.7176mm
0.75X18.3X - 117.9X30.5-4.524.6X - 157.9X22.7-3.536.7X - 235.7X15.2-2.473.3X - 471.5X7.6-1.2117mm
1X24.4X - 157.2X22.8-3.632.8X - 210.6X17.1-2.748.9X - 314.3X11.4-1.897.8X - 628.7X57.-0.996mm
2X48.9X - 314.3X11.4-1.865.5X - 421.2X8.5-1.397.8X - 628.7X5.7-0.9195.6X - 1257.3X2.8-0.435mm

MetLogix M3 Overview

MetLogix M3 Interface Overview

Micro Lens Overview

M3 Edge Tools and Measuring Overview

M3 Writing a Part Program

M3 Running a Part Program

Special Announcement

Scienscope Internation and J&L Metrology have entered into an exclusive sales and marketing agreement as of March 1, 2021. Both companies have combined their strength in optical technology, manufacturing capability, and worldwide distribution/support for metrology based video measurement systems.


Scienscope International is established as a leading developer in optical/video technology and X-Ray inspection systems. J&L Metrology has been in business for over 100 years and is well known as the leading international manufacturer of optical comparators, digital readouts/software systems, and stage-based video measurement systems.

Quotes and Purchase

All systems will be quoted and processed by J&L Metrology.

For inqueries, please contact:

J&L Metrology
280 Clinton Street
Springfield, VT 05156
Metrology Sales: 203-494-5082

Store information

Scienscope Products
PO Box 5040
New Haven, Connecticut 06515
United States

Call us:

Ship Parts to:
Scienscope Products
36 Maplevale Drive
Woodbridge, CT 06525
United States

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