Scienscope provides a wide variety of lighting solutions to meet the needs on any microscope or video inspection application. Our Unique LED solutions provide low power, low heat solutions with over 50,000 hours of illumination without the need to change bulbs. Technologies to consider are as follows:

High Intensity Lighting

High Intensity, highly reflective part solutions. We would recommend the IL-LED-R3 (High Intensity Ring Light with Polarizer, IL-LED-R2D (Dome Light for Macro) or IL-LED-E2D (Adjustable Ring Light with Diffused Ring).

Spot Light Applications

Need to position light in a specific area? Scienscope products offers the IL-FOI-L15 (LED Illuminator) with FC-DP-18 (Dual Light Pipes) and FC -A2-36 (Annular Ring Light).

Quadrant Lighting

Selectable lighting from any four quadrants to highlight specific features in any angle in the field of view. We would recommend the IL-LED-E1Q (Quadrant LED Ring light).

Affordable Lighting and UV

We have multiple work horse LED lights for the shop floor. We would recommend the IL-LED-R2 (LED with Table Mount Illuminator) or the IL-LED-E1 (LED with Built in Adjustable Illuminator). Our UV Light Wave Ring Light is the IL-LED-E1-UV (Built in Adjustable Illuminator).